Friday, February 17, 2012

Camp A Low Hum 2012

So CALH was in Wainuiomata {camp Wanui} this year. It was amazing, I was given the privilege to perform with $noregazZzm for both their sets, I also played a renegade as Fauxhound. Playing at camp is probably the most fun ever. The Fauxhound set went really well. There were a load of people there, which was especially cool seeing the only advertising was word of mouth.

There were a lot of amazing bands there but a few really blew me away, they are as follows;

Talkshow Boy/Keith! Party

While Spring Break played the lagoon pool party TalkShow Boy was owning the renegade room. This was seriously an amazing set. Talkshow Boy stormed around the renegade room spitting trash rap vocals to a variety of awesome backing tracks!


So Flo Wilson is pretty cute and she is also Foxtrot. She did this one song, in the renegade room, with loads of breathing and I felt so weird.... it seemed so sexual but not in a smutty kinda way, I don't know it was weird and AMAZING.


Just watch the video stupid, you'll know, you'll know
I missed their first set but saw them play on the lawn.

A Art

Even if you don't like chipmusic you probably would have fallen in love with Dove when he played renegade. This is awesome to the baddest. wordup.

Patric Catani/ Candie Hank
Candie Hank Tracks + Remixes by Catani

So Patric Catani played camp as Candie Hank, I kinda lost my nut 'cause I love chiptune. But this dude was soooo sweet. As a live performance in the forest it was simply magical!

He can rap, really well, in English. He can rap, really well, in German.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


this video was posted on ch1p b4$$ and it's so totally rad!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

mighty mighty

playing this sweet show after camp, it's gonna be 'off the chain'

chipped cherries

If I were to write one hundred songs like this I could still not win her over. We are destined to an eternity of; prolonged, platonic, friendship.

I never touched you then, I'll never reach you today

Friday, February 3, 2012


So Josh and I made this track a very long time ago, we were just mucking around on his Dad's sample drum machine and then I added stuff in using my casiotone ck-500 and a bitcrush plugin. This is probably one of the very first chip-esque songs I have written.

This is a ck-500, wordup