Friday, February 25, 2011

New Chip-Tune

This is my old bedroom (ground-floor)!!!

Better news is a partly finished/rough demo of my latest chip song.


Thursday, February 24, 2011


So it was a nice sunny day today, did lots of biking around and visiting friends. Home alone right now, getting picked up shortly. Just saw photos of my old flat, it's lost 2 walls but still standing, somewhat depressing. Time to keep my chin up and not listen to Barbarella, by Paul Baribeau, too much.
I'm pretty sleepy left listening to Titus Andronicus realising that "I'll always be a loser", that line is actually quite inspiring!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Faeces + Buckets

Simon and I are having post earthquake blues, I'm seriously pretty depressed by all the stuff going on. Hanging with friends makes it seem ok, and listening to Weezer..... Say it ain't so!
Great times with Dove and with Fionn, T'nealle, Eamonn, James and co!
We have no water so I have to poop in a bag + bucket [pictured].
Got a 15 pack of 'Black Ice' from a decimated liquor store {we payed $ for it}. I think I'll be able to live through this, wrote some cool poetry about a girl I don't like, it'll be an awesome chip song before you know it!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Math


where x = the number of times Tyne has broken up with me.

Which means Y= ?, oh oh the suspense. Only a few will know the true meaning of Y.
They best be quiet!

+++ I've been writing some new chip, I'm very pleased with the result. Will release a rough demo once it's done!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Campus A Low Hum 2011

photo courtesy of 10k {Tom Gilmore}

So camp was awesome, I had a superb time and got to see some amazing bands. My highlights were definitely 10k, ctrix, and old grey wolf. After seeing Old Grey Wolf play we decided to have a chip party in the carpark from the back/side of a car, it was so much fun, ctrix and futurnari played aswell as fauxhound. I'm so pleased we meet up with those guys it was really good to finally network with Oz chip!
I meet loads of awesome people and got to play a renegade set, that seemed to go well.

photo courtesy of Chris Andrews from thebigcity

Other mentions got to Glass Vaults and Freddy Fudd Pucker, I thought those guys ruled too!
Another mention goes to 99 problems!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Phantom Blisstickers

So I got a new job pasting for Phantom, it's pretty badass, I get to drive around town and paste. I start work at 5am {that's the only catch} but working early means finishing early, I really appreciate my afternoons now.
I like my job!

Our vans aren't quite as cool as the one pictured {i.e. no mag wheels} but they are still pretty rad. I've always wanted a Suzuki Carry.
[in other news I went to camp in the weekend and had the best time ever, I'll post about that later {when I get hold of a photo of our chip party}.]

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Night Before

So leaving for camp tomorrow, I'm pretty exited. I made some porridge mix for breakfast so all I have to do is boil water to make porridge. Dove and I are sitting together on our flight up to Wellington, we're sitting right at the back.
I've been practising lots, my set will be full of mistakes I guess that's what people will be expecting though. I wrote a new song which I will, try to, play at camp, it's very romantic.

This weekend is going to be awesome.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Titus Andronicus - Monitor (2010)

So on the PIX board was talk of this amazing band call Titus Andronicus, I had a listen to the album "The Monitor" and was pretty amazed. They're really good with lots of sing alongs and off key vocals, how about you watch the video then have a listen to the album {link below}.

They can be your favourite band and every time you listen to them you'll think of me, unless you play it to the girl of your dreams and she falls madly in love with you, then 2 years down the track you realise she's actually the girl of your nightmares. You then say to yourself "I truly was mad" {mad as a synonym to insane}

"You will always be a loser"

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Working in the heat

I spent the day postering for Phantom, it was so hot, I ran out of water and was left sucking the juice from the cucumber I brought for lunch. Later I locked my keys in the car, felt like such an idiot. When I get thirsty I become very absent minded, more so than my normal self. I don't know why I get like that, normally it's pretty rad, my life feels like a dream, but when I do stuff like lock my keys away it annoys me.

Can't wait for the weekend again!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Diablero 7"

So I found this band on Chuglife. Great hardcore! When I first got into hardcore music this was the style I liked the most.
The album art work is a little "metal", I don't fancy it much but the record is great, worth a listen if you like loud music.
Lovely and nostalgic.

¡Dios mío!

So last night I went and saw Coasting and The Sneaks, they were both pretty neat. Later we went home and made tortillas and falafel, both were delicious. We played dice, with only four die which changed the game-play quite a lot, it was lots of fun. Things got a little silly regarding an Australian 10$ note.

¡Dios mío!