Thursday, December 29, 2011

1st XV by Grass Cannons

So a while ago Joe sent me a demo track by Grass Cannons called '1st XV'. I don't think it is up anywhere but I'm sure they're gonna put something out soon, it's a really rad track and I think you should be getting excited about this band/release. To be fair, though, maybe I only like this band because every member is a babe. They're like that cute girl from your english class who toys with your emotions using a suggestive glance, and you're thinking "what does it mean" but never take action because you don't want to spoil the excitement of uncertainty.

all your friends, they suck

fauxhound/ax hndl split ep.... coming soon

I'm gonna release a split ep {as fauxhound} with Rory Macmurdo {as Ax Hndl}, it's gonna be good, I have three new songs that are in transit for mixing.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


So Dove and I made a song once, when I was in chch for this^ {never played the show as well but I don't seem to have the updated poster}, and we released it on the NZ chip compilation {which is here}. I put it on audio archive so you could stream it.... 'cause you're probably too lazy to dl the entire comp.

and you can download it off the compilation here, or find it on archive but you should get the whole compilation because it's super rad.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

1st New Zealand Chiptune Compilation [2011]

Finally being released, hosting on mediafire but feel free to host it anywhere else! This picture is not the final artwork, unfortunately, but the final is attached to the mp3s in the zip file!! Artwork by Henry Thompson aka Apricorn. [EDIT]Little-Scale has mirrored the download[/EDIT]

Domestic Bliss - Old Grey Wolf
herps not derps - Grease Monkey
>:| - Dracula Factory
Infected Flesh Decay - Mortal Execution
looolbounce - Futurnari
Frozen Man Winter Song - $noregazZzm
Salamander - Apricorn
Back of My Mind - Futurnari/Fauxhound
### - WAOTS
Speak Nothing - A Art
Door to Door - Fauxhound

grab the zip (thanks Little-Scale) DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Everything I love leaves me

Noir (got my dmg stolen) by fauxhound

So my Gameboy + LSDJ cartridge got stolen from Poor/Lonely last weekend, all my song data is gone forever. I've been using an emulator, Gambatte, on my computer, I wrote this wee track, will most definitely add some vocals to it later on. I posted it onto 8bit collective and it's been getting a little bit of hate which has kinda turned into a joke- link. Have a listen, any feedback is much appreciated!

Sunday, December 4, 2011